Compost Products & Soil Amendments

Composting Info

Compost is used in a variety of applications such as vegetable or flower gardens, soil amendments and top dressing for planting beds. It can be used in all residential and commercial landscape applications.

Mint Compost

Rich, black, high nutrient compost made from peppermint plants. It is excellent for providing moisture retention in sandy soils and as a mulch top dressing.


We carry mature, prime compost that can improve soil structure, increase moisture infiltration, stabilize soil pH, and more. This compost is made over a year long process, starting with yard debris being collected and placed in piles.  These piles are then turned over and over during a 12-14 month period, reaching temperatures that are high enough to burn out all of the seeds. It is passed through a 5/8-inch screen and then is ready for public sale. Used mostly for soil enrichment, compost can also be used for lawns, gardens, potting mix and flower and shrub beds.

Suggested Application:

For soil amendment, apply 3-4” deep and till to a depth of 6-8”.

As a mulch, apply 3”-4” deep and 1”-2” for coloring established beds

River Loam

Considered ideal for gardening because it retains nutrients well and retains water while still allowing excess water to drain away.