Ground Cover

Mulch and Ground Cover

Bark and mulch products are used for residential and commercial landscapes, pathways, trails, or to dress up that flower bed around your house. They help to retain moisture around plants, protect your plants from extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, and help control weeds. Use to acidify soils around acid loving plants i.e.: azaleas, blueberries, and rhododendrons.

Bark Nuggets

An excellent choice for coastal conditions. We carry small bark nuggets that are 1 ½ inch in size and Large Bark Nuggets that are 3 inches in size. This bark holds up well and should stay put on breezy days in turn requiring less maintenance. Bark Nuggets are a great product for planting and shrub beds.

Red Douglas Fir

This seems to be the preferred choice of our customers. Made from Douglas fir, it is a beautiful ruby-red colored bark that can be purchased at a great value. Use in planting and shrub beds


A landscapers preferred choice of material. The reddish-brown color provides an attractive finish and will bring out your plants true colors. Hemlock is also an excellent weed barrier.

Dark Douglas Fir

Dark Douglas fir is more versatile than red fir. Can be mixed with potting soil, used as mulching bark, or added as a final layer to planting pots and shrub beds. Helps retain moisture and discourage weed growth.

Alder Chips *available via semi load only, 100 yard min.

Resists decomposition better than most. Alder chips are very popular for garden beds, playground areas and dog runs/kennels.